Can you hear it?


We are the Wildcat Observer. Bringing you the latest on Wildcat and Lady Cat athletics, community news, and streaming music (coming soon). Since 2009 we have brought you live broadcasting of our Godley Wildcat and Lady Cat Athletics. With the support of our local businesses, through sponsorship, donations, or advertising, we bring you up to the minute details about the event being carried. Whether you be in your home via pc or mac, or in your car via smart phone, we will keep you up to date. We believe that being from a small town shouldn't mean that your media coverage be limited. Grand parent, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends that live out of town, state, or country, should be able to keep up with the Wildcat and Lady Cat athletics program. Also with the addition of broadcasts running from 9am to midnight daily, we will be asking for local talent to submit their music for everyones entertainment. If you are interested in more information about the Wildcat Observer, call Danny Fisher at 817-825-0964 or Denise Fisher at 817-825-6173. Be sure to check the Twitter Feed to the right for latest news and stories. Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for listening! The Wildcat Observer, Can you Hear it!.